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  • Vladimir Putin Meets Vitalik Buterin, Endorses Ethereum

    The International Economic Forum, which just wrapped up in St. Petersburg, reportedly resulted in more than €30 bln of investments. The final and the most important result, however, is measured not in numbers, but in the mood and attitude of those who attended the Forum and who was keeping an eye on the events and meetings held in the North

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  • Можно ли оценить мессенджер в 60 годовых выручек?

    РЕКЛАМА Итоги IPO Акции Snap (NYSE: SNAP) на Нью-Йоркской фондовой бирже за первые два дня торгов 59% с цены размещения, которая составила $17, до цены закрытия в пятницу — $27.09. Цена размещения была выше диапазона $14-16, установленного банками-организаторами Morgan Stanley и Goldman Sachs. Банки провели 10-дневное роудшоу в США и Европе и переподписали книгу заявок более чем в 10 раз.

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  • The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now

    There are about 10,000 known human diseases, yet human doctors are only able to recall a fraction of them at any given moment. As many as 40,500 patients die annually in an ICU in the U.S. as a result of misdiagnosis, according to a 2012 Johns Hopkins study. British entrepreneur Ali Parsa believes that artificial intelligence can help doctors avoid

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  • JetSmarter привлек 105 миллионов долларов от саудовского принца и Jay-Z

    Российский стартап JetSmarter для бронирования бизнес-джетов со смартфона привлек 105 миллионов долларов от своих постоянных инвесторов — рэпера Jay-Z и саудовского принца, а также от британского фонда KZ Capital и оператора бизнес-авиации JetEdge. Об этом во вторник, 13 декабря, сообщает The Wall Street Journal. Сервис бронирует места на частных самолетах и предоставляет пользователям возможность их выкупа через мобильное приложение. Компания

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  • What virtual reality means for brand marketing

    Virtual reality (VR) is all the rage. Premium publishers like USA Today, the New York Times, and AOL are jumping on the bandwagon to prepare.Google is working on a VR version of Chrome. NBC and Samsung are broadcasting the summer Olympics in VR. Hulu, Crackle, Jaunt, and Within (formerly known as VRse) already have dedicated apps, or “theaters,” where viewers

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  • Stop applying tech principles to consumer startups

    When you hear “startup,” you probably think of Facebook, Airbnb or Uber before Casper or Blue Bottle Coffee. But while companies that produce tangible goods like food and clothing receive less media attention, they’re proving just as innovative as their more high-profile tech counterparts. In fact, Warby Parker and Everlane, two retail startups, ranked higher than Airbnb and Snapchat on

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  • To Boost Your Career, Get to Know Your Boss’s Boss

    Your relationship with your boss is critical to your success. But there’s another person who often has just as much influence over your career: your boss’s boss. What should your relationship with that person look like? How often should you interact with her? What should you say? And how do you foster a connection without undermining your direct manager? What

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